Using Technical Analysis In Trading


Mental Process Professional Day Traders Go Through

If there is anything in your mental environment that is in conflict with the principles of creating the belief that “I am a consistently successful trader” then you will need to employ self-discipline to integrate these principles as a dominant functioning part of your identity. Once the principles become internalized and become “who you are” you will no longer need self-discipline because the process of becoming consistent will become effortless.

Creating a Belief in Consistency – The following beliefs are the building blocks that provide the foundation for what it means to be a consistent winner. I am a consistent winner because:

• I define my profit potential
• I predefine my risk on every short term commodities trade
• I completely accept the risk
• I act without hesitation
• I continually monitor myself
• I understand and never violate these principles

To integrate these principles into your mental system at a functional level requires that you purposefully create a series of experiences that are consistent with them. You must learn to be an objective observer and think from the markets perspective (every moment is truly unique). If there is enough will behind your effort, it is possible to experience a major shift in your mental structure as a futures trader very quickly. De-activating internal conflicts is not a function of time; it is a function of focused desire and belief. So the amount of desire and how much action you put into consciously following these steps, will determine how fast you begin seeing actual results from your efforts.

Over the years I have seen many traders who assimilated this information and adopted the principles explained in this tutorial. Most commodities traders experienced substantial shift in their thinking process and as a result their trading greatly improved over a short amount of time. One quality that each and every one of these traders shared is unshakable focus and determination to change and complete faith and belief that these principles work.


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